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Andy Warhol in Košice

2 AUGUST 2013 / Join the creative pop-art celebration of Andy Warhol’s birthday in Košice. Pop-art party, Andy Warhol Gallery, Andy’s menu and drinks – all this and more is waiting for you in August. Don’t miss it!

August in Košice equals Andy Warhol’s birthday celebration in a big style. There is a grand “pop-art” party organised by art lovers and supplemented by the parade of Warhol’s twins accompanied by the music of 70s and 80s. A mobile gallery of Warhol’s art is an inseparable part of the event. The highlight of the night is a projection of his works on the buildings’ facades.

The main theme of this year’s POP ART party is the ‘Art Factory‘. A horse, a black and white camera, dance floor and fun – all this and much more on 2 August at the Urban’s Tower, starting at 7pm. The programme for all the generations includes stylists, a retro bureau de change, furniture redesign, an unusual video projection and a live comic in the streets of the city. This night is going to be different, full of surprising and unexpected things. Join us in the colourful world of POP ART!

Pop art party
The ‘Andy Warhol in the Streets of Košice’ Project starts with Andy Warhol’s birthday party. On 3 August, the area in front of the Aupart shopping centre will turn into a creative factory, stage and a canvas.


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